Wings Over LA


Concept Design for My Thesis Project



Wings Over L.A. is a World Class BirdPark

ings Over L.A. is a Conceptual Design for a “World Class BirdPark” in Southern California. Originally created for my Thesis Project (presentation photo above) in Landscape Architecture at UCLA, the idea stired up a lot of interest especially in the avian community so I thought I would dedicate a blog to it in hopes that one day, enough enthusiasts would help to make it a reality.


What’s a World Class BirdPark?

“Birds can be studied essentially in two ways: by observing them in the field or (by observing them) in an aviary. If the latter happens to be a large aviary, which nearly simulates the natural habitats with walk-in facilities, then it would be different from the first two. Such an aviary may be more appropriately termed a BirdPark”.    

Abraham Verghese

  • Greatest Number of Species of Birds & Exotic Plants

  • Five Avian Habitats from around the World

  • An Open Zoo Concept

    Enjoy Up-close Views of free flying Exotic Birds in spacious enclosures that represent their Natural Habitats

  • Wetlands Habitats

    Will provide another small link in the chain of nurturing environments known as “The Pacific Flyway”

Presentation Boards

  • Master Plan

    Master Plan

  • Site Analysis

    Site Analysis

  • Habitats


  • Habitats


  • Section Views

    Section Views

  • Habitats


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BirdPark Jurong Park, Singapore 

An example of a World Class BirdPark

Jurong Park

This is a great Example of a World Class BirdPark. Jurong Park sets the precedent for Wings Over L.A. It demonstrates the proper avian habitats and how humans interact with them. Situated in Singapore, the birdPark is a tropical paradise with large enclosures inhabitated by free flying birds . The park consists of Aqatic as well as Avian creatures. Humans are allowed to visit and watch from viewing points, some high up in the tree canopies.